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VS6606 Excellent Humid Mode Intelligent Screen Vacuum Sealer

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Yumyth VS6606 Excellent Humid Mode Intelligent Screen Vacuum Sealer
With 2 level Humid vacuum food modemeet more moist juicy food item vacuum in perfect sealed effect.Advanced Vacuum Time & Vacuum Pressure Screen show working process clearly.

What does VS6606 can do for you?

1.Dry/Humid food mode--Apply for mroe dry/oiled/moist ingredient.
2.Normal/Gentle vacuum pressure setting--control vacuum suction.
3.Pulse mode--Manual control vacuum effect prevent from over vacuum.
4.Roll storage space.
5.Vacuum Seal--Vacuum & seal by one press control.
6.Seal only--Sealing bag open without vacuum.
7.Stop--Cancel any opertion at anytime.
8.Accessory vacuum--Use with vacuum jar,vlave bag and wine stopper.

More Advantages:

  • DC12V low voltage heater create human touch safe condition.
  • -60Kpa/-80Kap optional vacuum degree meet more market demand by get a higher vacuum performance.
  • 30 cm bag seal opening allow most sizes household vacuum bag in market.