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VS6632 Detachable Bag Stopper Food Vacuum Sealer

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Yumyth VS6632 Detachable Bag Stopper Food Vacuum Sealer

We are keep launch innovated food preservation food vacuum sealer to light up people daily kitchen life.Solve food wastage by extend 5 times freshness.Make food plan ahead on sale.Open a healthier and recycle cook life,enjoy the last bite of original taste.

  • Initial disassemble vacuum base allow wash.
  • Dry/Moist food mode.
  • Vacuum Seal.
  • Seal Only.
  • Stop Mode.
  • Support more continually vacuum seal cycle no break time.
  • Bag stoppper proper bag opening placement before vacuum.
  • Wider 3 mm heater width ensure the best sealed effect.
  • NTC overheating thermistor protector.
  • DC 12V low voltage output heating wire