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Compact Handheld chamber Home Use Vacuum Sealer Machine for sous vide

There are three main types of vacuum sealers: 

handheld valve sealers, external vacuum sealers, and chamber vacuum sealers. Here’s a rundown:

Handheld vacuum sealer 

Handheld vacuum sealers remove air through a valve on specialty zip-top bags. However, since these models are very small, they have far less vacuum strength than external and chamber vacuum sealers. In some of its review,  found the bag seals were weak, saying, “It’s difficult to be certain they’re closed, and once they are, a firm jostle can break the seal.” But based on requirements from different clients. Most of our models still include an accessory port that allows for valve-sealing.



External vacuum sealer 

With external vacuum sealers, you place the lip of the bag opening into a narrow chamber over the seal bar . After you shut the lid and lock it in place, the vacuum pump pulls air directly out of the bag. When most of the air is removed, the seal bar melts the plastic bag shut to seal the contents within. External models require using “quilted” bags so the air can be drawn through the material during the vacuuming process (you can purchase premade bags or continuous rolls that you cut to size). And you’ll need additional accessories if you want to seal wine or marinate food.


External models have less vacuum power than chamber sealers and are louder. But for most of the models in Yumyth are with low noise.You’ll also usually need to wait 20 to 60 seconds between sealings to avoid overheating the unit. But sometimes most of the customers will seal continuously,in order to reduce the risk when they misuse,our models had been added over-heating protect function.


And liquids need to be frozen before sealing to prevent moisture from being sucked into the vacuum motor and causing damage to the machine. But external vacuum sealers are sufficient for most tasks unless you’re planning to portion and package a lot of food at once. And they’re by far the most popular choice for home use because they’re relatively small, affordable, and widely available. For these reasons, we spend more time focus on this kind of vacuum sealer.


Chamber vacuum sealer

With chamber vacuum sealers, you place the entire bag inside the chamber with its lip positioned over the seal bar. When you close the lid and turn on the vacuum pump, air is sucked out of the chamber, which removes all of the air from the bag. Once the air is removed, the machine heat-seals the bag, the pump stops, and normal air pressure returns to the chamber.

External vacuum sealers are sufficient for most tasks unless you’re planning to portion and package a lot of food at once.

Chamber vacuum sealers have powerful motors that are quieter than external sealers. They’re best for extended use because they don’t require as long of a rest time in between sealing. Another advantage is that liquids don’t need to be frozen before sealing. Most models have a chamber large enough to fit 2-pint Mason jars, so they don’t require any additional accessories to seal jars. While chamber models have a lot of advantages over external machines, they are very expensive (usually $700 to $1,000), heavy, and take up a lot of space. Some also require extra maintenance (such as oil for the pump), and most are intended for professional use. Unless you’re an avid hunter who wants to seal a lot of meat at once, we recommend getting an external vacuum sealer.


And Yumyth’s models can meet your requirements.Just send us an inquiry for the model you need.

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