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A trip goes with vacuum fresh pack

Tired from work? Would you like to go on a trip? Ever been on an RV trip.
RV is equipped with a lot of home appliances of the car, in fact, it is a mobile home! This is especially convenient for people who often travel by car or on business.

Can we eat our own food every day during the trip, but dont need to buy the ingredients every day? Of course. The rv will have a refrigerator, but it's too short to preserve food. What about it?

This new indoor and outdoor vacuum sealer you may like

  1. support AC100-120V/220-240V, also support DC12V

So you can use in a variety of outdoor car. Especially in the RV is more convenient to use, and fishing, hunting, climbing, picnic and other outdoor activities. In addition, the most basic role is to use in the home, with each country to produce the right voltage.
In addition to this, what role does the vacuum machine have?

2. Support quick and efficient preservation of dry& moist food:
Select different functions according to the characteristics of different foods, dry mode for 9 seconds, moist mode for 11 seconds, targeted food processing to optimize the effect of vacuum sealing. Even oily, water-filled foods can be vacuumed. This type of food is recommended to be used with a vacuum tank.

3. Adjust Gentle and Normal speed to achieve a more appropriate working mode:
The Gentle speed mode allows you to vacuum and seal fragile food in a soft state, preventing food from over vacuuming deformation and other phenomena. Normal applies to other foods that are not brittle and resistant to stress.

4. Patent combined vacuum function and weighing function:
You bought one, but you get two! Combined with vacuum sealer and kitchen scale! Removable weigh platform, easy to weigh at any time. Suitable for a variety of occasions, such as family fitness people, portion control restaurants, food pack weight, bakery ingredients weighing, and so on.
5. Get marinate food fastly
Ordinary preserved foods are created by allowing food to ferment over a long period of time. Marinated Food Function helps you get an attractive preserved food in 20 minutes because it speeds up the fermentation.

If you're going to travel, camp, fishing, or hunting, you can take a vacuum sealer in advance with you to prevent food from spoiling. In addition to the above functions, there are many features we have lost count. All of these are waiting for your discovery!

A trip goes with vacuum fresh pack