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A Yummy Smoked Dish By Intelligent Smoky Infuser


Barbecue cooking is regarded as a outdoor camping gathering.Large size smoking grill requested wide place like garden,park or square.Another side,smoky tool fixed designed takes more space to store.Food smoking becomes a thing which not easy to proceed.


Now YUMYTH discover this problem then researched the patented machine to figure out the unportable size.VG1100M smoky gun is here.

Open a unprecedented BBQ even done at home!


Net weight in 1kg both for household and outdoor use even for pocket take.

Length in 12 inch smoky silicone hose for infusing.Press the smoking button to activate metal fan suck the oxidation for burning.


Smoked wood burn easily with smoked taste on the cooked dish.Apple wood pure and fresh taste you can’t miss out.In order to better control smoking time,YUMYTH considerate design in Gentle/Normal/Fast setting with various smoke frequency.Deserved flavor infuse in short time.Food grade plastic smoky dome with vent create a sealed smoking condition which allow evenly infusing.



Oil dirt annoyed everyone as the comment issue for smoking machine.While fixed metal with wash requirement as directly wash may caused damage due to the electronic part.Latest detachable heat resistant Aluminum part,disassemble burn chamber friendly clean by water.Wrap the metal fan with damp cloth to stay cleaned.


In ordinary concept,only meat and main course deserved being smoked,gradually vegetables and drinks being adding smoking relish will open your view range.Shake the cocktail to mix then special smell done.


Apple,Cherry,Pear,Hickory and all options is wroth trying.Wood clip jar slim to take.

Come on! Let us getting closer by homely barbecue.


 A Yummy Smoked Dish By Intelligent Smoky Infuser