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About Food Sealers Vacuum Bags Vacuum Packing

Vacuum SealerVacuum packing refers to a process in which you get the air out of the package (for example, a bag or a box) before sealing the package. Most of the time you will need a vacuum sealer to get it done, whether manually or automatically,you also need food sealers vacuum bags to prevent your food from being spoiled.

Vacuum packaging can benefit you in many aspects. First of all, it is another alternative to keep food products fresh aside from using refrigerator or freezer. this technique sucks the air out of a package, in an attempt to restrict the growth of bacteria and fungi by reducing the proportion of oxygen inside. By this means, the shelf life of food (meat, nuts, cheese, fish and more) can be lengthened by 3 to 5 times, keeping the flavor as it is. Besides, freezer burn is easily generated when the food is exposed to cold air. By vacuum packing food products, freezer burn will be eliminated.

Apart from what is mentioned above, Vacuum packing can apply to the storage of non-food items. For instance, you can use vacuum sealing system to warp your items such as clothes and bedding stuff in a vacuum bag to prevent mould growth or moist. Others use this method to reduce the bulk to save more space. 

Many vacuum packing containers can be used in the process. Vacuum bags, canisters or bottles are available for different types of items. For most of the items, vacuum bag will suffice, and with flexible vacuum bags, the size of the package can be reduced, which is rather space-efficient. As to certain items, like biscuits which are delicate and easy to be crushed or food that contains a large amount of liquid, a canister will be preferred.

Vacuum packing is more than a way of extending the shelf life of various products. Nowadays, it is an innovative cooking method, known as sous vide cooking. During the cooking process, a plastic pouch containing food is placed and cooked in a water bath under vacuum with the temperature accurately set. Such method cooks the food evenly and keep the meat tender, retaining the natural flavour possibly.