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Advantages of Food Vacuum Sealer Bags and Rolls by Yumyth

Advantage 1: BPA-free
Constructed of BPA-free multi-layer material, YUMYTH food vacuum sealer bags are safe for sous vide cooking and are designed to withstand boiling temperatures. Vacuum sealing your food items allows heat to better transmit to your food and ensures that the vacuum bags stay submerged and evenly cooked during the whole sous vide cooking process. 

Advantage 2: Multi-layers co-extruded embossed technique
Using Multi-layers co-extruded embossed technique with 7 layers, vacuum sealer bags designed by Yumyth are more durable than normal plastic package bags and are characteristic of being antibacterial, moistureproof, insect-resistant and not easy to be punctured.

Advantage 3: Special air removal channels design

Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal.

vacuum sealer bags

Advantage 4: Freezable, Microwavable, safe, Simmer safe, Prevent freezer burn
YUMYTH vacuum sealed bags are freezer-, simmer-, and microwave-safe, making them a great option for preserving and preparing meats, seafood, vegetables, and more. What’s more, the vacuum seal bags can effectively prevent the creation of freezer burn wben stored in frigerator, which will greatly extend its shelf life.

Advantage 5: Customized Size of Bags
Standard size: 10*15, 10*20, 12*15, 15*20, 20*30, 22*30 and 28*40cm
Custom size accepted: available in a variety of sizes.

vacuum bags

Advantage 6: Work with the vacuum sealer machine
The vacuum sealing system automatically sucks out all the air from the vacuum bags/rolls and then create an airtight seal, which effectively keeps out moisture, bacteria, fungi and air to protect food and maintain its freshness, color and texture. 

Advantage 7: Pre-cut

YUMYTH vacuum sealer bags are pre-cut and ready-to-use, saving you time whenever you’re preserving leftovers, preparing ready-to-cook meals, and portioning bulk food items in the freezer.