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Advantages of Kitchen Vacuum Sealers by Yumyth

Advantage 1: Contact bar (VS6680M)
The lid will open or close automatically at a touch of the stainless steel contact bar

One button controls all 

No need to press the lid with all your strength. Simply touch the button, and the lid will open or close automatically. When the kitchen vacuum sealer finishes vacuuming and sealing, the lid will open of itself. 

kitchen vacuum sealer

Advantage 2: Digital scale(OPTIONAL)
A removable digital kitchen scale is attached. Make sensible portions of your food and write calories or fat contents on the bags. Tare function. Mode button: g, kg, oz, lb. The digital scale is optional. Model VS6680S is without scale.

Advantage 3: Removable drip tray
Removable design, easy to clean. Remove the side pin to open the lid fully, and take out the drip tray for cleaning.

Advantage 4: Bag stopper
The bag stopper functions to ensure that vacuum bag is kept from being put outside of the vacuum chamber.

Advantage 5: LCD display

Display the working state of the kitchen vacuum sealer, safer and more convenient for user.

vacuum sealer kitchen

Advantage 6: Overheating protection 
NTC Thermistor, temperature sensor: Monitor the temperature of the kitchen vacuum machine.  Protection mode will be activated automatically when the machine overheats , with light flashing and stop working. The appliance is back to normal working mode once it cools down and the lights stop flashing.

Advantage 7: Double pumps
Double pump with sound insulation, more powerful and low noise.

Advantage 8: Achieve the most effective vacuum for bags, rolls, canisters and bottles

Kitchen vacuum sealer machines designed by Yumyth keeps your food fresh up to five times longer compared to other food storage methods and helps you save up to $2700 a year by buying food in bulk, purchasing on-sale food items, without worrying about food wastage.

vacuum sealer for kitchen

Advantage 9: Bag cutter
Cut bags into a desired size or open sealed bags. Please insert it into the bag cutter holder after use.

Advantage 10: Marinate in minutes instead of days

The vacuum sealing process opens the pores of the food, allowing the food to absorb the marinade more quickly. Kitchen vacuum sealing system can help you finish this process in minutes, no need to wait overnight. 

kitchen vacuum sealing system

Advantage 11: Different vacuum modes 
Dry/moist vacuum mode, normal/gentle speed mode for your needs

Advantage 12: Manual seal
You can stop the vacuum process halfway and press the seal button to seal the vacuum bags maually, in order to prevent the possible damage to pressure-sensitive foods

Advantage 13: Detachable Power Cord
Easily replace and store. Different power cords are designed to cater for different voltage and plug.

Advantage 14: Button Indicator light
When vacuuming with canisters and bottle stoppers, the indicator lights will flash during the process.
Seal a bag without vacuum. Sealing indicator light will be illuminated. It will automatically turn off when the sealing process is complete.

When the kitchen vacuum appliance overheats, the indicate light will flash. The appliance is back to normal working once cooled and the lights stop flashing

kitchen food sealer