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Baking Done In Kitchen By Yourself

 Have you learn about the Backing before?In traditional awareness of most people that s the fancy dishes where are supposed to done by senior chef.


However,this menu could be finished by yourself just in kitchen!The keyword of cookery is high precisely control the ingredient weight to create a perfectly balance diet.



How to make that?Yumyth Quick response food grade stainless steel platform  kitchen scale make it happen!Five unit measure switch in kg/lb/oz/ml/g even for liquid milk.Digital in two decimal places precision,get the unit scale directly.

Data lock function to stabilize the data then weight wont change.Avoid information flashing.Multiple measure meets different countries demand.



When platform get dirty from operation,please warp it slightly by damp cloth then stay cleaned.Food grade 304 stainless steel meets LFGB standard.

Neat platform could improve weight precision.Thats why you could get the deserved ingredient just in kitchen.


Base of baking and cooking is the suited mixture.Solid and liquid divisive measure request perplex most people who would DIY in home.Now it has been solved by Yumyth liquid in Milliliter unit switch.


Prior Low power indicator shown in LO and flashing,smartly as a reminder of recharging.Allow you make plan ahead.One hand,due to we couldnt realize if the food weight in excess of the scale range before weighting,in this moment its easily get damaged.

Overload setting(OLD) play a key role prevent from being broken.Further effect is you could keep in mind of approximate quantity before weighing.



Lets make a Molecular cuisine from a intelligent scale!

Baking Done In Kitchen By Yourself