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Best Vacuum Sealer for Fishing and Outdoor Activities

Best Vacuum Sealer for Fishing and Outdoor Activities


Fishing is now a good choice for people to go out and relax. So how do you bring the most original flavor of the fish home?


Our vacuum sealer VS6601M/S has the unique function 12V DC car power. After you get a lots of harvest from fishing, kindly plug the machine to the car to power up. Then you can vacuum seal the fishes to keep fresh and stay clean and no smell for the car.


Any BBQ you may have grilled or smoked is the ideal candidate for vacuum sealing. Itll keep in the flavor and make it as good as new for another time.


How a wonderful solution!


Here are some Pros of vacuum sealing food for your reference:


1, Vacuum sealing is extremely economical. Food will last around 5 times longer when vacuum sealed compared to traditional methods, which will greatly decrease food (and money) wastage. It also means food can be bought in bulk, reducing the cost in the first place. With a vacuum sealer, you have a great excuse to go out and buy several racks of ribs for smoking.

2, Helps to conserve space for extra food storage.

3, Moist foods wont dry out if vacuum sealed correctly. This will help to maintain the tenderness and flavor, even after month of storage.

4, Vacuum sealing is a great way to marinade meat or fish. As the air is being removed the meat will open up its pores to allow the marinade to be taken inside.

5, Lower chance of bacteria or insect infestation.

6, Relatively easy to quick to do.

7, Great way to store jerky.

8, Can even store non-food items such as jewellery. As there is no air there is a much lower chance of the jewellery becoming tarnished.