2-4F, No.29 Mowu, WANJIANG District, Dongguan 523041,China

Big events in foreign trade are coming soon on this 15th-19th April in Guangzhou China

As a professional person involving in importation and exportation business, you must know the big events in foreign trade are coming soon on this 15th Apr in Guangzhou China. It’s really been a long time since the epidemic spreaded for the past 3 years. Now all is back from normal and let us meet in the fair.

The Canton fair is really a must-see exhibition. Sure, so our company must catch the chance to communicate with you professionals around the world.
Below we would like to show you what the newest products with unique design we will bring to this fair.

If you have plan then we are ready for you now. Looking forward to seeing you at:

Booth No. 5.2 K17
, Phase 1, Date: 15-19th, April 2023.

Thank you so much for your attention and best wishes for you.

Big events in foreign trade are coming soon on this 15th-19th April in Guangzhou China