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Buying Guidance of Food Vacuum Sealer

As you see,a verity of amazing food vacuum sealer currently in market.They have basic and multifunctional setting to meet different client demand.Before putting the machine into your shopping cart,did you think about if a match between your requirement and sealer function?

Here is some buying guidance may helps you pick up a suitable model you actually want.



Sealing Width

Seal width impacting machine size, wide seal width allow more small bag seal same time efficiency work,but bigger dimension may takes more kitchen space.


Suction Pump

Vacuum pressure depends on vacuum pump,strong motor in -80kpa may reach the airtightness  quicker but the louder sounds may not pleasing people.Weighed it get a balance is a wiser choice.


Accessories Vacuum Needs

Most vacuum sealer designed with accessory vacuum for food jar with hole and standard liquid bottle by connect hose.Oiled and milk vacuum storage all in one device!If you only need vacuum bag, then the basic model is enough.Your real though will much help get a desirable vacuum sealer in short time.Consider twice the frequency use of the accessory vacuum.


Detachable Kitchen Platform Part

Extra kitchen scale is for bake or related molecular cuisine,high precise unit conversion and tare mode get the net weight directly,no more count.Requirement on cooking and packing.Combination model you can not miss out.


In a word,compare the needs of your mind and actual product equipment is the key point.All vacuum sealer comment is bringing us a fresh recycle life!

YUMYTH always here by your side.


Buying Guidance of Food Vacuum Sealer