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Can Smoke Infuser Be Smaller?

Smoked food in a natural flavor become popular in now days. Slight to strong wooden type match specific ingredient will improved and comes with an impressing flavor.These kinds of smoked sushi,salmon and fried steak dishes may attracting you.

Can smoker machine be in more slim shape?Yes we Yumyth latest smoke device in shorter height better ensure standalone not being distributed from operating.

  • Added heat insulation aluminum hopper attachment,place on the burn chamber very easily, detachable design means you can get to cleaning after finish smoking.
  • Longer hand shank makes movement more convenient. One hand carry and no using placement limited.Considering oil block problem,there is a oil cap fitting at the bottom storing the superfluous heat oil,in this way less oil infuse to hose which also reduce to our cooked food.

  • Dry battery power supply.4 AA battery support 8-10 hour working time. One press to active smoking,two press to stop the function. Intelligent standby mode last 5 minutes,hands free. Generally smoke time in 30-60 second would obtain a middle to heavy smell on foods skin.
  • LFGB approved smoky nozzle safe for direct contact with your food.Follow international food grade import & export requirement.

Have a party or picnic with your family or friends in holiday! Barbecue with super mini smoker SG1202,throw the huge and cumbrous smoke appliance,you will absolutely adored on them!

Can Smoker Infuser Be Smaller?