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Can you differentiate the vacuum embossed bag?


Hello!Have you pay attention on your used food packing bag?Even it is at large usage,few people will aware plastic bag material,advantage and disadvantage..

Options bag for various of dried,moist,oiled and soft snack...Requirement on thickness,channel even in color.Different character determines appliance range.


Distinguish from recombination layer

  • Single layer PE plastic Laminated bag.

Surface printed technology with bad stickiness.Three layer in PET/PE chemical glue structure means this kind bag will be softer and easier to tear.Normally regarded as disposable product.At the meanwhile,chemicals hazard releasing may aggravated environment pollution issue. Nondegradable molecule increase the burden of landfills.Bags will get punctured when store sharp item.Vacuum effect become weak then expedite food oxidation.It comes food waste after then.



  • Multi layer co-extrusion bag 

New innovated technology is to settle these problem.More layers in seven layers combine PA nylon +PE,HDPE.Fully co-extrusion with regular spot or diamond emboss create the best suction channel by vacuum sealer.Air-blocking in a efficiently vacuuming.Mold can not grow without oxidation.Vacuum preservation prevent from freezen burn.Minimize food volume to save freezer and pantry.Various size for more food requirement.Perfectly sealed opening original taste being kept while simple plastic bag packed may happen tainted by other odor.People normally throw it due to the odd smell.



Are they recycle use?

Yes cause of the environmentally friendly material.Dry item and shell food packed bag is allow to be reused.Consider the left sauce from moist and oiled meat,fish and marinated ingredient,bacteria breed times by times in a very short time through air connection.If can’t be cleaned during second use,it may break the nutrition of the fresh meat.That’s why we don’t recommend reuse for the moist one.


Why co-extrusion bag prominent from many types plastic bag?During progress,stretch will improve bag’s strength which make it more durable.Let’s discover more benefit of the biodegradable co-extrusion bag,open a green life!







Can you differentiate the vacuum embossed bag?