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Christmas is In The Coming Month


You may be really happy because this is the longest holiday of the year, and it is also a time for chatting with relatives and friends. You have plenty of time to play with your friends. But do you remember that we have important duties at Christmas? Every year Santa Claus comes on time, what do you want to bring to your relatives and friends this year?

Gold, silver and jewelry, I'm sure you've bought it many times. So what other ideas are you looking for besides gold, silver and jewelry? Now people pay more and more attention to health, attention to the body. So it's best to buy relevant types of gifts for friends and elders.
Today I will share a Yumyth shopping list for you to pick up.

The first one, basic but multifunctional: Vacuum Sealer: VS6611.
* Seal only, VAC&SEAL, Dry/Moist, VAC accessory, Stop,
* Built in bag cutter, 12 V low voltage heating wire, powerful vacuum pump

This is a compact vacuum sealer, vacuum sealer can help you effectively preserve food, preservation effect than ordinary preservation more than 5 times. Healthy and delicious food has a high requirement for food freshness. Function operation is also very easy, only need one press to get a perfect bag, elders can also use.

Can be given to: elders, lovers, friends, colleagues
Where to go: Indoor kitchen, or pack in advance for camping and travel.

The second one, Middle vacuum sealer with fantastic functions:
* Seal only, VAC&SEAL,Dry/Moist Mode, Gentle/Normal Speed, VAC accessory, Stop,
* Built in bag cutter, 12 V low voltage heating wire, upgrade powerful vacuum pump.
* Dual powers supply: DC 12V and AC100-120/220-240V, available for indoor&outdoor,
* Kitchen scale is attached, Large LCD display, Support marinate function.

This one adds so many features that a patented design (Combined vacuum and weighing, DC Power for Outdoor) achieves the machine's style to higher level. It will also help you get a complete airtight bag quickly. Moreover, it tailored the right vacuum pressure and time for each food to maximize freshness. It has more mobility than other models, so you can take it to your outdoor activities, such as parties, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, traveling, etc.

Can be given to: loved ones, friends, colleagues, elders
Suitable for: family kitchen, restaurant, hotel, party, fishing, hunting, climbing, camping, tourism

The third one, its a high-end product. You may surprised by its smart system!
* Fully automatic system helps to save much energy, suitable for all members
* One touch control OPEN AND CLOSE, easy for operation
* Touch on/off, Seal only, VAC&SEAL,Dry/Moist Mode, Gentle/Normal Speed, VAC accessory, Stop
* Marinate function, built in bag cutter, bag stopper.

VS6680M is endowed with high efficient and practical functions, including the patent design of fully touch on/off by metal bar, combining vacuum and weighing two in one, removable liquid chamber, large LCD display, smart 15s self-protection interval setting. With the advent of convenience and high performance in food storage, it gained much appreciate from all over the world. Upgrade powerful vacuum pumps allows you to achieve the optimal vacuum effect.

Can be given to: elders, lovers, friends, colleagues
Suitable for: home kitchen, restaurant, hotel, party, camping, travel

Here are three of our most highly recommended Christmas gift lists.
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Did you see the date? Christmas is in the coming Month