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Colorful Food Vacuum Sealer Bright Your Life!

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Food waste is a certainly normal thing in our life. Many factor impact result in quite difficult to schedule food plan ahead. Store the leftover in freezer is the most ordinary method. But need to consider is the coming problem is frozen burn and flavor tainted. That’s why vacuum sealer is widely use by home family.Slim size easily place your cabinet.


Optional food mode control sealing time.

  •  Dry mode sealing in 8 second and moist mode in 11 second since juicy food takes more time to reach the heating seal temperature.

Vacuum pressure setting. To cover more type food as snack clip & cookies included related fragile item.

  • Gentle speed to switch a soft and minor suction.Differential treatment is for better preservation.
  •  On the contrary,normal statement get more power in short time. Generally apply to nut,rice and something etc.

 All in one,we are the food nutrition grander! More than that,selectable color in silver,pink,slight blue. Bright-coloured light up your kitchen from this moment.

VS2202 is the model we are going to share,brush stainless steel top cover no finger print.


  • VS6602 with roll storage maximize fit bag in 28*600cm. Eight treasure box attractive design must

catch your eyes.


 Let’s take a look! Just show us your concept then we could make it possible.

 Colorful Food Vacuum Sealer Bright Your Life!