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Detailed Introduction for Yumyth Vacuum Sealer VS6605

1. What is vacuum sealer? Vacuum sealer is a machine that keeps food fresh by removing air from the container and keeping it fresh five times longer than normal.

Other functions: Home storage/travel storage: physical compression volume makes it smaller, saving space.
Document protection: paper documents, photos, tea leaves from moisture, antique metals from oxidation, wine/tonic from leakage and volatilization, etc.

2. What functions does VS6605 vacuum have?

  1. SEAL:  press this key to get a tight seal, suitable for sealing roll.
  1. Dry VAC&SEAL: support to seal dry food such as rice, beans, biscuits, etc.Upgrade Settings, VAC and SEAL integration, one-click access.
  1. Moist VAC&SEAL: say YES to the food containing a small amount of water. It is also a simple one-button operation, easy to get a good sealing bag.
  1. PULSE: As opposed to STOP, PULSE can be used to reactivate the machine when you think the vacuum of the bag is not enough
  1. STOP function: You may be surprised by this design, which is designed to protect fragile foods from excessive vacuum, such as biscuits and cakes;It even protects the bag from bone puncture.
  1. The most amazing design is that the heating wire is an independent, 12 V low-voltages heating wire, which means you can use it continuously and save time.12V to avoid electric shock danger, touch safety; But please do not touch at the end of each work to prevent heat burns.
  1. Bag Cutter: This is a handy tool for cutting bags at any time. You can customize your bag size at any time.
  1. Roll Storage Space: supports vacuum sealing roll Storage, saving large storage space.
  1. Transparent cover and magnet: the rest length of roll can be seen through the transparent cover, while the magnet is designed to help the cover stick to the machine, so we can easily reach the bag by pulling the cutter with one hand.
  1. This also has a switch sensing design, if the lid is not properly closed, the machine will not start to work, preventing misoperation.
  1. A lid holder and bag stopper can’t be ignored,too: we don’t need to open lid when we placing bag into vacuum chamber, because there is a lid holder prevents dropping down. Just need to insert bag in machine and bag stopper allows us to check bag in the right way.

(12)Strong vacuum suction: supports two pressures -60kpa/-80kpa for selection. Meets all your requirements.
  1. 30 CM of the max bag width and 3 mm sealing width enables you to use with confidence, supporting almost all embossed bags in the market.
  1. The best cooking tool combined vacuum sealer with sous vide, putting pickled food into bag for several hours, then get a fast and delicious food after handling with sous vide.
  1. Don’t forgot to use with your varied food containers, it not only works with vacuum sealing bag/roll, but also works with vacuum canister, wine stopper, air valve bag and etc.
  1. NTC high temperature protector and TF protector 115 ℃: This function is used to protect the machine from heat damage.When the continuous use then temperature reaches 90 degrees, NTC will automatically start and stop the working until the temperature decreases

With all that going,are you familiar with this vacuum sealer? Would you like to have a try? There are still some valuable features worthy of exploration.
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Detailed Introduction for Yumyth Vacuum Sealer VS6605