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DIY Kitchen Food Vacuum Sealer with You Own Style

With the New Year approaching, isn't it time to add some new tools to your home and get ready for the holidays?We are glad to share with you our newly developed products, which may add a strength to your kitchen.

Lets take through the features of previous products:


1. Dry & Moist Food Preservation:

Dry ingredients cost 9s, wet items 11s optimized the vacuum separation (items should not have too much moisture)


2. Switch Seal And Vacuum Seal

The satisfied choice for different needs.


3. Wide Usages

Works with vacuum sealing bag, canister, wine stopper and other containers


4. Stop button can be used to prevent the original shape of fragile food from damage. 

Pulse function will be activated when you require to vacuum again


A new product will certainly have its unique aspects. The biggest difference between these two models and previous models is as follows:


1. Operation panel: The new operating panel will not be attached to the lid, which will facilitate better placement of the bag and operation


2. Heat resistance: at the same time Yumyth uses high quality PBT stainless steel for thermal fuse, continuous sealing strong heat resistance. The shape won't be changed and damaged.


3. With a clear and convenient transparent window, check the position of the bag at any time and save bag.


4. The 2201 and 2202 differ in material. Set stainless steel on the cover of VS2202, the vacuum sealer has the feature of scratch-resistant.


The style of each person, be fond of is not identical. We are often thinking when can add the thing that like oneself style and design, let article unique, attract a person's eyeball.

Yumyth has also recently launched a number of splashy "new things"



So many different colors of vacuum machines! Which one do you like best?Tell us your Pantone number quickly, super texture spray paint to meet all your needs!

DIY Kitchen Food Vacuum Sealer with You Own Style