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Do you know Christmas?

Do you know Christmas?

Christmas is one of the most important,meaningful festival around the world. It’s well-known for the Christian commemoration of the birth of Jesus. It is said saintess Maria pregnant Jesus before marriage,a envoy with load said to Maria’s husband,a righteous:”Marry Maria,she will be delivered of boy named Jesus who from the holy spirit and will save people from guilt.” In Greek,X is the first capital letter,it is called X’mas as well. Different title name in various countries.


In Dutch called Kerst,’Navidad’from Spain,Natal from Portugal,Boże Narodzenie in Poland,French in Noël,Natale in Italian.

Christmas standard for the people in caring heat & willing to help others in need. Three girls obtain helping from Christ,had been given the opportunity to study in school.He always hided the present in people’s house,carrying all the surprise and hope in the sock,passing the gift by riding a sled dog.

Well-off life come true in decades year,exchange the Christmas gift is a newly-developing celebration to forward our blessing.

In Northern Europe region,food feast is regarded as taste enjoying,television reported related food cooking attention & tips that avoid poisoning. Roast ham is one of the representative dish in family gathering.

As for East Europe, taking food before Christmas dinner is not allowed. The purpose is to enjoy the yummy Cochinillo.


Food freshness takes an important role in dining,vacuum it to cut off the oxidation possibility from air to the ingredient. Yumyth’s vacuum sealer is coming for you!One touch finish the whole vacuuming ,sealing and reopening operation,just aim to save your time. Make food plan ahead yet no waste. Did you tempted it? Take a chance!