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Does vacuum marinating really work?

Does vacuum marinating really work?

The answer is yes. It’s physics. Vacuuming out air creates lower pressure inside the container. Lower pressure acts like suction, and the liquid 'rushes' into the meat much faster than during normal osmosis (marinating). 


You can generally marinate meat in 30 minutes or less by using a vacuum sealer while traditional marinating is generally suggested to be an overnight affair. In theory the vacuum sealer opens the pores of the food and allows the marinate to more easily and quickly penetrate into the food. 



Vacuum Sealer Marinating Method :


When you marinate a food by using vacuum sealer, the flavors of the marinade are more deeply infused. First, the meat and the marinade are placed in a food-grade vacuum sealer bag or container. 


Here's how to use it.

1.Put your meats into the vacuum bags or container of your choice and seal the opening firmly.

2.Apply the adapter to the top of the lid.

3.Press "marinate."

4.After the container is vacuum sealed, take the adapter out and let the meat sit for the desired length of time - just a few minutes will do. 


 Does vacuum marinating really work?

 Does vacuum marinating really work?