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Effectively store the leftover by safest material vacuum food jar

Effectively store the leftover by safest material vacuum food jar


Are you still worry about the leftover in kitchen?

Food lifetime can be extend by store in right method.

Dry food have a quite steady state due to their moisture dried already by machine.

Moist and Oiled food is quite hard to keep in Non-Volatile status.


Actively chemical molecule easily combine with vapour.

Seldom people realize that the sunlight is a considerable element changing the moist food.

Temperature will sit a important position that will impact molecular velocity.

They are in direct and positive proportion relation.


This can prove why the food in summer will get spoiled in short time.

On the other side, most storage jar in market is transparent design,we can pack then by vacuum but we should pay more attention on daylight part as well.

Focus on the moist food,Yumyth had launch the newest full set 304 stainless steel vacuum food jar.


Specially made by thicker metal body to extent product lifetime.

Effectively reduce sunlight exposure, no flavor change.

Humanized date mark indicator help you check vacuum duration.

High quality airtightness silicone maximum block the air,keep food fresh on root condition.

Food safe grade body and transparent ABS plastic,care your health.

Operate both by handy pump or Yumyth vacuum sealer machine.



Live a fresh way,we always by your side.


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