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Effectively store you snack from New Year Holiday

Effectively store you snack from New Year Holiday


New Year is coming!

How to effectively store you snack from New Year Holiday being a general problem.

Have you already prepare the candies and dried fruit?

New Year is the tradition and valuable time of the whole year.

We being and chat together,snack become the necessary dessert to greeting.



Nut,melon seeds,marshmallow and other else,we usually pack it by original plastic bag,


Even they are dry food item ,seldom people realize it still store 10-20% moisture inside.

Moisture from food is easily combine with those from the air, which making snack get soften.

Oxidase microorganism from food themselves can expedite metabolism,heating, vapour and carbon dioxide comes out during chemical reaction.

Finally food get rotted.


YUMYTH working hard to minimum food waste.Latest we launch the multi grid fully automatic vacuum storage box specially for dessert.Six equal grid store kinds of food.


Indicator release button show vacuum progress,both vacuum by hand or our vacuum sealer machine,effectively avoid mildew.


YUMYTH produce with thick plastic to ensure durability,not easy to damage and save your money as well.



We may should kindly pay more attention on our food from detail since they are closely related to our health.

Let us start stay healthy from say goodbye to rot.


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