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Explore the Yumyth Vacuum Sealer Together

1. First of all, what is the purpose of the vacuum sealer?

Vacuum sealer is the best machine for food preservation at present, whether it is dry or moist food, vacuum machine can extend the freshness time four to five times


2. What are the characteristics of each machine?


Yumyth vacuum sealers can be divided into three types of machines. Take six models as example. VS6610 and VS6621 are basic models, VS6602 and VS6610M are medium models, VS6681M and VS6682H are advanced models.


  • For basic models, VS6610 and VS6621:


They are manual and similar in function, including seal only, vacuum seal, stop at any time, vacuum pump tank. The material is plastic and ABS, and the machine is slim design. The difference is:

1. 6610 transparent visible lid, press the button, packaging contains accessories, no cutter

2. 6621 cover contains cutter, touch button, display light



  • For middle-end models, VS6602 and VS6601M:


They are also manual and differ in function, but they all have touch button, single seal, vacuum seal, stop at any time, vacuum can function. Accessories such as bags are complete. The differences are as follows:

1. 6602 contains a roll storage room and has a cutting knife. After stopping, you can click PULSE button again to open it. Material: ABS+PC

2. 6601M patent design, including kitchen scale, DC wiring convenient for outdoor activities, support pickling function and speed adjustment, small free cutting knife. Material: ABS+Stainless steel



  • For high-end products, VS6682H and VS6681M:


These two designs are convenient and easy: fully automatic vacuum machines. Touch button, seal only, vacuum seal, food selection, speed selection, stop, pickling functions. 

Contains cutter, two strong suction pump, removable tray drip, high quality silicone gasket. The material are ABS+ stainless steel.

6681M has one more kitchen scale function than 6682H. 


Explore the Yumyth Vacuum Sealer Together