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Have You Look At The Food Canister?

How to store the juicy food,liquid sauce?We may can not do same storage method as dried ingredient by vacuum pre-cut bag.If bab opening with weak sealed effect, liquid leakage may happen.So how to solve it?Why dont choose a container? It is more healthful,durable and washable.But on the other hand,food jar material,design,using method impact different kind ingredient storage.

PET food container.Main element is catalysts and antioxidants to meet food grade standard. During storage it wont release these chemical substances.The weakness is about the air barrier property.Long preservation period may cause food spoilage.

PS plastic
Transparent appearance,it is widely applied in food container,cap,noodles and snack box.Nevertheless what is be aware of is thermostability.Poorly heat resistance not allow to place in microwave.Acidity and Alkalinity may be decomposed.

Therefore isolation and thermostability plays an important role even stand a key point.Yumyth AS plastic improved and innovated material food canister body,harder compared with other causal food jar in market. Safer for directly contact with all type ingredient. Endure from -20~100 degree temperature condition. All knows vacuum packing will extend items freshness,Yumyth designed hole cover of the jar. 2 in 1 work with handy pump and vacuum sealer by accessory vacuum port. Double seal ring rather than single ensure airtightness. What is more smart is vacuuming will stop automatically when reach vacuum pressure in -40KPa. Pull the release button to get the food easily.

Moreover,FDA and BPA free and LFGB certification stand for Eco-friendly. We all eager to contribute our power on environmental sustainable development. So it will not with chemical residue during recycling.If you do high on fresh cooking,ecological living,joining us will be the most wise option you even made!

The Food Canister