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Healthy Smoked Food Produced by Yumyth Smoky Gun


For a long time, humans have been thinking not so much about how to create taste as how to save food. Drying, fermenting, pickling and smoking are just some of the foods that humans acquire as they try to protect meat from harmful microbes.


Smoked products are the aftertaste of many older generations, the cycle of time, many young people are also obsessed with this particular flavor, it seems to be in the genes, bacon, fruit, vegetables are a lot of people love. Nowadays, safety and health are a lot of people's concerns, so is smoked food safe?


The traditional fumigation process is to "Smoke" the food in the thick smoke produced by incomplete combustion of wood, sawdust, straw and other plant materials, so that the meat can absorb flavor substances and dehydrate to a certain extent, so as to obtain unique color and taste and prolong the preservation time of the meat.


However, many polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are also present in smoke smoke that is not completely burned by traditional fumigation processes. The most famous of these is "benzopyrene", which is a highly active indirect carcinogen, and also the first chemical carcinogen confirmed by humans, so delicious food is also dangerous.


But thanks to modern technology, smoked products are still a delicious and healthy food. Unlike traditional wood chips, the wood chips used by Yumyth remove any harmful substances and retain the cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin in the wood. At high temperatures, they slowly release hundreds of compounds such as organic acids, aldehydes, phenols and esters, giving the bacon a strong smoky flavor and a tantalizing aroma.


The smoke permeates around the food, each grain of meat is evenly smoked, the pure poplar wood fragrance lingering between the lips, a must for a dinner date.


Healthy Smoked Food Produced by Yumyth Smoky Gun