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How important to use reusable vacuum channel bag?

How important to use reusable vacuum channel bag?


Plastic bag is quite a usual material from our daily life.

polyethylene in raw material has been used more than half of the century.

People was excited cause the waterproof and portable feature. Large production capacity in short time and around One trillion making per year.


With time goes and verification,this simply chemical material was found some plastic bag made by poisonous PVC which not suitable for packing food directly.Some low cost bag were ‘popular’ for some supplier even they not being sterilized and attached much talcum powder.

 This harmful element will be being stimulated while wrapping the heating food. Not easy to get Paroxysmal disease but it keeps affecting your health.


Put them down and you need the reusable bag to replace!

Traditional plastic mainly cause the convenience for single use,Yumyth aim to bring a recycled life.

7 layers co-extrusion nylon tech with strength both on safety and function.Chemical gluing limited in boil temperature but co-extrusion is not. Working range during -20°to 100°.Washing then get one as new.BPA FREE and FDA all care your health.


Normal bag is rough packing only as the air goes in easily, provides a enabling condition for bacteria.Vacuum packing channel take a necessary role to be a protector.Regular embossed pattern achieve high airtightness.Transparent single side help to monitor ingredient.


Report said by expert overheating packed by PVC will comes 16 kinds toxic substances infuse to the food that damage human liver.Reuse bag may become a place for mosquito breeding if brings pollution.That’s why an increase number countries launch Plastic ban regulation.


The only invariability is the Change,making a contribution from small thing.