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How to Buy A Smoke Infuser?

A smoker is a kitchen appliance that can add flavor to food. If you are interested in a smoker, what should you consider when buying a smoker?

  1. Consider the functions you need: Yumyth has three kinds of smoker, SG1200 only has the smoker function, which belongs to the desktop smoker, and can also be used outdoors. The VG1100 series is also suitable for outdoor use, but the VG1100G is only smoke function, with three speed adjustments. In addition to the fumigation function,the VG1100M can also vacuum food while retaining the 1100G function. 
  1. Charging methods: The smoke infuserr of Yumyth has two charging methods: SG1200 is powered by 4 batteries, and VG1100 series is powered by USB charging. Each has its advantages: you don't have to worry about running low on battery power when you go out. USB charging is more environmentally friendly and energy saving. You just need to choose according to your preferences.
  1. The effect of smoking and the practicality of the product are the issues that have to be considered. The role of smoking machine is to add more delicious taste. There is cherry, apple, poplar and pear wood chips, each flavor will bring a different feeling to the food. If you like romance and uniqueness, the smoker is your best kitchen appliance.
  1. Product functional diversity: some fumigators, such as SG1200, whose function is only smoking, use high-quality plastic and aluminum products as materials, which increases its sales volume. The VG1100M combines the functions of fumigation and vacuum preservation, and is the patent of Yumyth. It realizes the ideal function that people store food after smoking food. 
Three kinds of smoke speed switch, for food more flavor contribution. There's a lot more you can do.
  1. The packaging of products, kitchen appliances such as smoker, small parts are very important. Yumyth's smoke gun has already prepared a complete package accessories for you: such as 10g smoke wood, tweezers, metal mesh, screwdriver, stainless steel brush, vacuum hose, valve bag and other accessories. 
  1. After-sales problem, which is also a relatively important problem.To buy kitchen appliances, you need to meet a responsible seller, so that you can get a better after-sales service after you encounter problems. Yumyth's after-sales warranty period is one year. In one year, unless it is man-made damage, Yumyth will decide whether to repair or replace the machine according to the problem of the machine.
There are many problems to consider when buying a smoker, these several factors may be able to give you the choice of a smoker to increase some reference.  Smoke Infuser