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How To Divide The Food Storage In Refrigerator?

First of all,cold storage is a essential way to extend ingredient original freshness. Meanwhile,do you know if the temperature-varying in area that fit different food storage?

  • Upper layer
The placement on the open door,which the highest temperature among all area,suit for the one nonperishable packed food with a cut as tomato sauce,eggs,cheese.

Secondly,upper layer of the interior on the outside ,a bit colder which more for kind of sweets and yogurt cause to avoid the potential bacterial cross infection from bottom.

Back side from upper range,which create a temperature condition lower than zero degree. It is designed for soybean moist product and leftover which is easier go bad.

  • Under layer
How about the under layer? Don’t forget the fruit and vegetable. Do remember to warp a bag to avert the freezer burn if any need. Since Thin skin protection is weak...

Back side:Uncooked and required cold temperature to store. They are as kelp are not easily contaminated.

Suitable for keeping in the box: acid and frozen meat, semi-frozen fish, shrimp and other seafood.Because bacteria in aquatic products are more endure the low temperature, a slightly higher temperature is easy to accelerate their reproduction, and the crisper can not only play a role in isolation, to avoid cross contamination, but also has the effect of heat preservation, to avoid temperature fluctuations caused by frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door.

Such a big secret in our refrigerator! Place food in a deserved placement,maximize save the cost from spoilage waste. Let’s do it now!

How To Divide The Food Storage In Refrigerator?