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How to longer vacuum machine use time?

As a widely-use kitchen tool,Vacuum sealer is gratefully help solve food wastage by extend original taste. Our model VS6601 vacuum machine is compatible 12 volt DC adaptor power cord so that you can power from car, boat and vehicles. Ground-breaking from home use only and operation place restrictions.

How to longer vacuum machine use time?

Control vacuum seal frequency. Some wrong process is pre store food in bag advance with quantities. After then vacuum seal package continually without any rest time or pause,in which that heater needs to constant heating,under this heavy duty heating protector will monitor the machine work temperature by key NTC thermistor part,once the whole sealer reach limited degree in 85°C the function button light will keep flashing to warn stop sealing,till flashing stop mean device cool down again & allow back to normal work.

Always keep lid unlock when you are not using. The purpose is to prevent sealing gasket from deformed. Long time extrusion press will impact seal effect when lock the lid cause the gap from uneven gasket edge between upper and lower foam.

Warp the chamber after vacuum, stay dry states. Juice and sauce will wetted seal foam by suck moist item and it will easier speed up aging shorten using period.So warp with tissue/damp cloth is workable.

Do not tear the brown high-temperature teflon tape before operate.The tape is guarantee heater wire laying straight which ensure sealed opening. More advantage is avoid bag sticking after vacuum.
How to longer vacuum machine use time?

Proper operation for roll storage vacuum sealer.Yumyth have launched roll storage space model. Some consumer pull the bag from roll then create sealing prepare for a bag,however the sealed effect go bad since there is suction power during sealing,while bag comes from interior then vacuum chamber will be cover as well as the suck channel. So the correct step is cut a bag with a deserved size,place bag opening in chamber then active seal only mode,in this case to gain the best final sealed.

More tips to be discovered from you and I.We are will to collect your any suggestions remind people obtain a more durable freshness lock magical gift!