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How to make a light outdoor recreation?

How to make a light outdoor recreation?


Now days,diet concept have living in people’s main with increasing trend.

That’s why more people prefect outdoor sport activities or have gathering.


Having a picnic is one of the stylish life. Family or team stay together and have happy hour by weekend. However it’s hard to get prepared quantity of the snack and drinking.



When get the waste. Most of us would do is throwing it or packing in simply way.

Throwing is because the food value is quite low and easy to get another,which have aggravated worldwide food waste and result in enlarge the gap between countries from food supply especially for some backward countries.


Meanwhile packing in wrong way may impact our body potentially.


Vacuuming packing is aim to reduce this issue.Whatever how much ingredient you left,can you store it with original flavor and quality.Package improve airtightness other side.


DC 12V initiative design had meet car use.Vacuum machine portable and friendly to be taken.

5 times longer freshness can be achieved.No different while second use. Our brand work hard on avoid unnecessary waste and alleviate stress from the world.


Smoky BBQ is a kind popular entertainment activities,unwieldy smoker machine may limit their use. Yumyth patented slim smoke gun clean up your consideration.USB lithium battery charge save power advance.Light wood clip package that provide several flavor you want.

Vacuum function combination save your budget.


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