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How to make a smoked popcorn ?



Hickory wood chips  1

Your favorite brand of popcorn  1 bag

Salt & pepper (Optional)  1 tsp

Melted butter (Optional)  ½ a cup




Empty bag of popcorn into a large bowl & season with 1 tsp of salt and pepper;

Then drizzle ½ a cup of melted butter on the popcorn; cover the bowl and shake until mixed into the corn;

Place lid and hose on the bowl, place hickory wood chips in smoking chamber, turn on the smoker gun & light the chips;

Fill the bowl with smoke completely, turn off the smoker and remove the hose but not the lid;

Let the fog consume the popcorn for 5 minutes shaking every minute for consistency;

Release the smoke when ready to eat for presentation (optional) and yor smoky popcorn is ready!



How to make a smoked popcorn ?