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How to Preserve Leftover Wines

How to Preserve Leftover Wines ?

You may need this guide to deal with leftover wines in daily life.

As long as the wine stopper leaves the bottle, the wine reacts with oxygen. A small amount of oxygen can wake up the sleeping wine and release its potentially wonderful aroma, which is why Chen’s long-term wine needs to be sobered. However, if the wine is in contact with oxygen for a long time, its flavor will slowly disappear and eventually become vinegar, completely losing its drinking value. Therefore, the key to keeping the leftover wine is to isolate the oxygen. Here are a few practical methods:

1. Immediately put the wine stopper back into the bottle as it was .

2. Change to a smaller bottle .

3. Gas cap preservation method

Sealing the liquid level in the bottle with a gas or liquid gas heavier than air, sometimes requires a special machine.

4. Vacuum preservation, the vacuum pump draws oxygen out of the bottle and reduces the contact of the wine with the air. The fresh-keeping stopper is a special wine stopper for isolating the air, and it can be reused. If you drinking often, buy one and try it.