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How To Properly Use Vacuum Function With Accessory Part

Home use vacuum sealer is a helpful tool in kitchen cooking. Place vacuum bag within chamber area then close vacuum lid firmly to create a sealed condition before vacuum. Choose vacuum function based on Dry/Moist food mode you need,also refer to the ingredient you going to vacuum.
The vacuum nozzle is not only vacuum with bag but also others storage item.Connected vacuum hose is included,small head insert to machine,big one connect to external vacuum part.

  • Zipped Valve Bag
Well connected the hose,hold the big end completed cover the valve port. Better check the valve size of bag to match use with hose. Ensure bag opening is firmly closed no air leakage. No hole punch,too much juice on food liquid will be spilled out from vacuuming.
  • Wine Stopper
Cover the wine bottle with wine stopper,there is a hole on wine stopper for air suction,activate ‘VAC ‘ button prior vacuuming,joint vacuum hose on top of wine stopper. Process will stop automatically once reach vacuum pressure in -40kpa. Remember don not fill an excess of wine volume,must below the bottom of wine stopper otherwise liquid will be sucked out.

  • Vacuum Container
It is mostly use for sauce and rich juicy food storage. Same step use as mentioned as above for connection. Air valve hole is used for vacuum and air release. Some people will use with heavy duty commercial vacuum machine as well. Due to the quite strong vacuum degree, the big gap pressure difference more easily get food container deformed. What will happen is cracked from bottom. On the other hand that is because cylinder shape characteristic,generally vacuum pressure range is negative 40kpa.

Follow these tips,avoid possible mistake,vacuum fresh life being easily!

How To Properly Use Vacuum Function With Accessory Part