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How To Vacuum Seal Fresh Vegetables ?

How To Vacuum Seal Fresh Vegetables ?


Freezing your vegetables is an excellent way to preserve them for future use, but if you're not careful, improper storage may lead to soggy veggies, unsuitable for serving.



Preparing Veggies Before Vacuum Sealing


Cut the large veggies into smaller portions. Clean the veggies thoroughly under running water. Theyll need to be quickblanched and placed in a bowl of ice water immediately after.


This method of blanching will require you place the vegetable pieces in boiling water for a very short time (1-4 minutes). The high temperature will kill any surviving surface bacteria and stop the ripening process in them whereas the short time period will ensure they retain their natural rigidity. Immediately putting them in ice water will kill any ensuing cooking process that might be taking place within the vegetables.


But before you can vacuum seal the cut veggies, drain the water from them by wrapping in blotting paper. Soon after, vacuum seal the vegetables in separate batches. Here, its advisable to store similar veggies in a pack e.g. cruciferous vegetables in one, carrots, beets etc in another and so on.