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Immersion Hand Blender,Immersion Enjoy

Home made bake become easier by more and more cook tool part and appliance. Food prepare is the first step and plays an important role. Immersion Hand Blender is the tool great for small job like making mayonnaise,whipped cream beaten egg even more.Mechanical blending spend much time and may couldn’t get a desired outcome.Smoothly fluid will help for quick mixing with other ingredient.Allow us taste the unique food combination as carrot cucumber juice,avocado milkshake.

Free Attachment as processing,whisking and frothing. Everyone could make coffee cappuccino,latte coffee art at home! Egg frothing for birthday cake,spread cream on crust,then just put your creative idea for decoration.

Coarse grinding is another usage.Sesame brewing believe being recommend as a well-tried for breakfast.Low calorie,rich dietary fiber,mineral and phytonutrients supply enough energy and satiety for the whole morning!Nut and seeds natural mellow flavor give you more possibility.

Baby food-semi-liquid meal is a mommy daily task. Longer cooking time to get softer food. At this moment why don’t apply for a hand blender? Placing cooked food,mix meat,fish or similar item with staple food.

Operated the hand blender by gripping and install the detachable stick head,Yumyth BPA free metal rod passed with LFGB/ROHS,REACH that meet most of food grade degree.
Unique bell-shaped blending shaft for fast and finer result.Half surrounded design prevent from spilling during in process. Guarantee even mixed.Dishwasher safe.

Sausage and meatball always start from blending.We provide sturdy,tall and narrow blending jar-it reduces splattering and the up and down motion with more power therefore shorten blending period.


9-speed selection,500W wattage. In addition, essential safety lock through long press. Loose it then operation will stop compulsively. Clean up the danger risk in busy hurry kitchen cook.Corded design avoid power off situation.

Are you ready to get one set. No more extra part need to buy again. Further practical concept just text or call us direct to discuss.Let’s create more miracle!

Immersion Hand Blender,Immersion Enjoy