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Incredible Home Made Sous Vide Cooking


Sous vide is a French technique,which is translated ‘under water vacuum'.High standard temperature requirement need use by professional water oven heater.Mechanical control machine setting in a derserved heating range.Placing ingredient on Stainless steel food holder grill avoid from removal during the hot water flow,keep in consist and perfectly temperature,otherwise meat will be come old or uncooked.



  • Temperature control



It is recommended the in 40-60°C(Further requirement  control could maximize lock fresh and tender in texture.Cooking duration is 2 hours.High precise temperature maintain create a even heating condition,control a result in a incomparable taste!Just intelligent mode setting then waiting.

The Sousvide is a countertop without mess and waste.Vacuum packed before cook is the necessary point it’s because freshness being stored,Nutrition won’t loss easily from airtight preservation,anti-oxidation.



  • Step of the operation



Put the season food with your favorite spices or handmade souse,let flavour infusing to food pore.

Vacuum seal the foods by a vacuum chamber machine.Vacuum channel bag in PA+PE co-extrusion technology with unique texture that much help shorter the flavor infusing time.Molecule enlarged under vacuumed.

Drop the well packed bags to water or place in permanent position on holding grill,select the best mode you want then walk away.Incredible dish is done when you come back.


Don’t worry the foods is uncooked in a not boiled term,long heating duration disinfect bacteria yet in impressing taste.


Vacuum storage and water oven makes sous vide become home cook rather than chef specialist dish.We believe you cannot wait to get to try!

 Incredible Home Made Sous Vide Cooking