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Innovative Series Vacuum Sealer

In order to meet the customer's preferences and needs, Yumyth has developed three different vacuum sealers waiting to choose. Which one impresses you the most?  

Whatre their same functions?
Vac&Seal, Dry&Moist, Seal, Pulse&Stop Function,Accessory Vacuum for can, wine stopper and air valve bag

And Whatre Their Unique Function Differ from Others?
  1. An unique vacuum sealer with rotate buttons with Sound Reminder (VS6630)
* Sensitive sound system will be activated once machine start working, coming with light on of relevant button function.
  1. Detachable and Assembled Easily Bottom Lid (VS6630&VS6631&VS6632)
A detachable bottom lid supports you clean machine easily after using moist mode, which means you can wash and wipe the bottom lid under the faucet.

  1. A Tiny Tool You Might Ignore - Bag Cutter (VS6630&VS6631&VS6632)
Build in bag cutter is one of our patent design, which endows with features of cutting convenience, bag waste saving and easy storage.

  1. Independent Low voltage Heating bracket (VS6630&VS6631&VS6632)
12 V flat heating wire is a safe voltage, get rid of dangerous heating wire that hurt humans life, while some suppliers adopt 220V high voltage heating wire, a cylindrical uneven heating wire, leading to more risks occur in the daily life.

  1. NTC Overheating Protect Systems Protect Safe Considerately
Safe plays an very essential role in the electronic home appliances. Considering this aspect, Yumyth attached NTC overheating protection system in machine structure. NTC sensor will be activated once temperature exceeds 85 , and all working will be stopped and have a rest until the temperature back to lower 65 .
  1. Three Appearance Meets Different Styles of Varied CountriesWhich one would you like to pick up?

Innovative Series Vacuum Sealer