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Keep Healthy with Yumyth Co-extrusion Bags

In addition to the key role of vacuum sealer, the function of vacuum sealing bag should not be ignored when preserving food. However, many unprofessional customers are often deceived by "gimmicks" in the market. Some businesses use lower costs to make vacuum sealing bags with proof quality, but tell consumers that the quality is very good, and consumers are often deceived by their "professionalism".

Now this news is to help people identify what is a good vacuum bag and what is the best bag for sealing food. Vacuum sealed bags can be divided into two types, multi-layers co-extrusion bags and composite bags.

What is The Co-extrusion Bag?
A bag made of several materials such as PA+PE, no solvent, no heavy metal residue, no delamination (-20℃-100℃), excellent tensile property, puncture resistance and other characteristics. According to the different recipes, the toughness of the bag will have different effects, but it is more recommended that the bag made of PA+PE has medium cost and significant effect.

However, composite bag is on the contrary. Composite bag is a cheap bag that used chemical solvent to bond nylon and PE, which is easy to cause chemical solvent residue and easy to be stratified (-20℃-50℃) under high temperature for a long time. The bag is not tough enough for store hard food, and easy to puncture. Besides, the formula is unique and cannot be changed.
The comparison photo of co-extrusion bag and composite bag is as follows:

1. Co-extrusion bag is not easy to tear. There will be a lot of uneven edges after tear.
2. Composite bag is easy to tear, once there is a gap in the middle, it is easy to tear with flat edge.

However, co-extrusion bags also have different qualities. Yumyth adopt high-quality seven-layer co-extrusion process, which strictly checks each food-grade material to ensure the bags are safe, healthy, pollution-free and odorless.


  1. Multiple Layers Co-extrusion Technique:
  1. Adequate material, standard thickness(Errors exist):
  1. Hard to tear of the compress technology.
  1. 100% BPA Free, Passed By the Certificates of FDA, LFGB, QS, ROHS
The visible lines guarantee a better sealing effect

  1. Health And Safe, Compatible with Sous Vide

Keep Healthy with Yumyth Co-extrusion Bags