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More Innovation On Food Vacuum Sealer

Food leftover happen in everyday of daily cook. Meanwhile the moisture and nutrition easily get loss when expose in air,crispy food goes soft. Meat class ingredient will loss bright color and lustre ,goes darken.What we coming here is to clean up all these problem.

VS6606 Upgraded vacuum sealer just being launched by YUMYTH.

  • Large stainless steel decorative panel water-proof and easy clean. Laser embossing will be a great options in your own logo.easy clean with damp cloth.
  • Special time counting screen indicator. Sense of technology smartly show completely vacuum and seal time during process. Precise 0.1 digital second unit gain a accurate data. In addition,vacuum pressure indicator monitor suction degree. There is four level from gentle to strong pressure. Gentle indicate two light turn on,in normal condition then light up with four.
  • Vacuum only setting. Control deserved vacuum effect by manually long press the button,lose to stop vacuuming. Considering more food as crispy snack,cake and sandwich require lower vacuum stress avoid shape deformed. In this way you can reach any effect depends on various food.Dont forget to active seal function to finish sealed opening for storage.
  • Key point-Super Moist function. We designed in longer preheating time which greatly help sealing even with liquid. Liquid wont be sucked in a very short time to machine chamber under this mode because reduce vacuum power plays an important priority role. Therefore heater go with a higher temperature adapt moist seal. After all we can receive a same perfect sealed as dry mode.

Keep roll storage space. The approximate room fit 30*600cm bag roll prepare for use.Compact smooth bag cutter bar more convenient open sealed food as well as suit size bag obtained.

Yumyth always focus on more innovation in kitchen appliance.We deeply eager everyone can put out fresh food from daily meal. No more food wastage from now. Are you willing be a part of us?

More Innovation On Food Vacuum Sealer