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New Concept,New Vacuum Machine Arrival

Food Vacuum Sealer is widely used in family home.Not limited in industrial range.Therefore, more functional and selectable setting comes out to applied for more kind ingredient.Dry/Moist food mode.Speed control,Accessory vacuum for food canister and bottle stopper.
Yumyth insist research unique and patented design and realize it. At this moment several latest new arrival turn out!

VS6603-The high end large area stainless steel decorative panel. Octagonal box shape. Pulse vacuum still being applied to this machine.For some photo chip and other brittle food. Hold this button to continue vacuuming,loose to stop then control sealing for bag opening. Roll storage capacity is popular as people could finish the whole process packing and vacuum sealed. Need more vacuum power? Dont worry we make it optional. Negative 60KPa or 80KPa suction pump is here. Stronger pump will brings louder noise,it depends on personal needs.

Round function panel,more sense of design compare with the ordinary rectangle panel. Rotate control switch. Turn it to corresponding setting then press the switch to activate.Again pressing to stop operation.
Detachable upper lid. All curiu board is inserted to the upper part.Take it off to clean vacuum chamber in a safer environment.Lock it to make a complete machine. Lets try!

The canister port fit three type storage container-Vacuum food jar with vacuum hole. Liquid wine bottle and air valve bag. All is combine with same accessory silicone hose.

Want it ?Then get it!

New Concept,New Vacuum Machine Arrival