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New Trends for 2021

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 has pushed the home appliance industry to a new trend. Online live shows have also become the main hub connecting businesses and consumers this year and next. Yumyth was featured in two live webcasts in 2020, and sales volume grew by 30% in that month. Since then, the popularity of Yumyth vacuum machines has become more widespread.The design of the simulated home kitchen attracted a lot of clients to consult.

  1. Old Life VS New Style
  2. What does the vacuum sealer do
  3. What's new in 2021

Old Life VS New Style
Busy people finally have a chance to stop and enjoy their lives during the epidemic. Therefore, people become more aware that their quality of life needs to improve.
On the live show, "What can a vacuum machine vacuum?" "How long can a vacuum seal be kept? Will food smell bad?" "May I have a picnic?"Moments later, the studio popped up with questions from customers.

Facts speak louder than words, and let's take a simple example: Compare normally preserved food with vacuum-sealed food:

Obviously, after 4-5 days of preservation, black elements has appeared on the surface of ordinary preserved food, while the food after vacuum sealing is still bright and beautiful, and the texture can be imagined to be fresh and delicious.

What does the vacuum sealer do?
The live broadcast shows the most obvious difference between having a vacuum sealer and non.
1. Stop associating with the behaviour "waste.
2. Promote convenience with fresh kitchen assistants
3. An exclusive recipe for satisfying your appetite
4. Free hands, environmental protection and health

What's new in 2021?
Introduced various types of vacuum sealers in the live broadcast: first from basic models, then to mid-end products and to high-end products and smoke infusers.
To answer customers' questions, such as VS6610 series visual window design, anti-slide triangle designed for sealing bags;
VS6621 series, touch sensing function; VS6601 series can go out to picnic, BBQ; The automatic style of high-end VS668 series and even the operation steps of food smoking machine make many customers jump out of the hesitation circle and learn to improve and enjoy the current life.
A little over a month left in 2020 and 2021 is coming soon. As people's living habits and thoughts change step by step, the healthy habit of keeping fresh by vacuum sealer will become more popular.

New Trends for 2021