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Portable Handy Pump From YUMYTH

Portable Handy Pump From YUMYTH
Keep Food Fresh Every Time


Leftover Food On Party In Outside Activities?We Can Solve!


People enjoy the weekly family day,

More or less waste situation shown universally.



No More Waste,Start by our self

Report proved waste food is supposed to save 50 million people from ONE year’s grain.


Holding the handy pump from Yumyth can keep food fresh up 5x longer by vacuuming.Extend food life without changing the flavor.

  •         Handhold Feature,friendly for handbag.One button controls all.

  •        Operation quickly with extra vacuum suction power pump 0.5 bar.

               But  we dont have this kind of bag?Dont worry!

We can extra provide you our exclusive vacuum bag,matched nozzle for better fitting.


  •       Our high quality reusable vacuum bag made by multiple co-extrusion BPA FREE material.


  •      Zip lock opening, convenient for reuse.
  •       Strong puncture resistance advantage,no worry the sharp items.

  •        Low temperature resistance:Refrigerator and freezer safe( to max -18)


Why our bags look different?Thats our function!

  •       Embossed appearance design,highly improve the sealing effect.


Should I charge it in advance?

 Battery charging type,no need prepare ahead,vacuum whenever you want.

Install 6 sections AA battery(not included) when use



Hey,Do not forget !

Please remove the battery after use to extend the machine life.

We recommend vacuum bag size in approx 20*20CM to reduce electricity consumption.

Hold one on hand,happiness start!