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Scale your food,scale your health

Even more and more variety of dessert on market,people still willing to do it by themself.One reason is gain joyful family time during cooking,on the other hand we could control ingredient scale depends on desirability.Obesity rate increased instantly cause high sugar,calorie content.Overweight may damage your health with abnormal and excessive fat accumulation. It is evaluated by weight in kilogram divide by height in meter squared.(kg/m2) to get a rough proportion.

In 2016,over 1.9 billion teenager(included and under 18 year-old)faced overweight problem. More than 650 million troubled by obesity. 39 % of adult with overweight. Nearly triple times increase prevalence rate compared with 1975s. The intake of energy-dense foods rich in fat and sugar continues to increase. Modern working mode in sedentray.Transportation and urbanization convenience have all exacerbated the problem of physical inactivity.

To relieve serious issue,Social enterprise take a responsibility such as

  • Take tax for the sugared drinks
  • Reduce and control sugar content of ingredient
  • Ensure all people gain affordable nutritional requirement.
  • Limit marketing food in high sugar,salt and fat.

Yumyth DIGITAL SCALE may help to give you a indicator balanced your diet.100 gram to 10 kilogram loading capacity meet your daily weighing need. 0.1g/0.01g digits precision would be greatfully maintain sugar,butter,milk protein weight.

Auto turn off setting power saving. Tare mode get food Net weight. Place a container on platform,return to zero,get the food on tray then data would be clearly.
We mainly use stainless steel plate which passed with CE/ROHS. Food grade quality care your health from details.
After long time using,calibration is necessary. Place weights in proper range( Do not over scale maximum capacity.Use corresponding weights according to screen shown.

Ordinary but play a meaningful kitchen tool,we are so pleasure to help people moving closer to green life by our small power maybe.Let’s do it together.

Scale your food,scale your health