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Smoked Cool Drink By Improvement From Yumyth

Hey guys! Welcome to YUMYTH recipe channel. You could order any food as wanted at a shop. Quite quick and easy-get way to grab and enjoy taste. Smoked food steak and Mojito being a followed tideway as fitting more age level group. But have you ever thought DIY at home will have more fun at home?


Device request is the most tough first step to cook this dishes. Huge dimension not the best  choice to take in home occupy such large place. Now Yumyth handhold smoker gun will show you attractive point. Size in  as normal small kitchen appliance. Ergonomic design holding model and location easy to carry out. Light and withstand weight less than a cook pan!


You may have question on our smoke machine for the smoking. How to get equal smoking infusion in much delicated part? Be honestly, basic smoke principle not complicated and we catch the key point. Burning essential element is the oxygen. Providing rich air to burn wood clip in few second. Recommended crumble wooden speed up smoking process. Apple,Cherry,Pear is high frequency uses to improve and stronger flavor layers. (Apple wood is included with machine get try directly) Gun shape makes oil not easy stay inside. Prevent from dust blocking after multiple times program.Lifetime test pass over 1500 operation.


Variable Speed Control. Total in three setting. Gentle,Normal and Fast. Efficiently time saving. Short press to switch. Mainly control metal fan rotated speed to achieve different effect. Smoky dome create the best sealed environment let cool smoke cover food item evenly. Flexible infused valve match nozzle size. Use bubble water liquid to envelop smoke then put it on cap. Magical vision happen!


If you want make plan ahead yet no waste.We make it possible! The most important method is air isolation.We built vacuum port here to solve your leftover.Free accessory vacuum hose in package list use with valve bag,automatically stop vacuuming after research -40Kpa. Time of vacuum duration last 2-2.5 hour. All make sense that we create 2 in 1 mix smoker gun and vacuum sealer in one model-VG1100M!


A squeeze few drop lemon juice on steak will fresh up and cutoff the richness. Get it and do it by yourself!

Smoked Cool Drink By Improvement From Yumyth