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Smoked food become easier done at home

Wood smoked infuse is regarded as a high-class dish in our traditional sense.Professional cooking tool and high precise control infusing time and similar requirement makes it difficult to enjoy this unique flavor unless going to the restaurant.

Join them into our life is possible.Yumyth is here!


  • Designed by handhold size which compared with others in huge dimension.Low Using area rate due to the internal complicated food placing gridding. VG1100M silicone infusing hose length in 12 inch for portable use. Match use with vent from smoky dome. Selectable smoky dome in 8,10 and 12 inch prepare for different gathering. Closed infusing let even smoky effect then amazing flavor meat comes out, with fresh,natural flavored wood gives cooked food an irreplaceable taste.
  • Outdoor camping use. Lithium battery rechargeable power saving in 1000mAh. Food smoking at anytime and anywhere. Make food plan ahead.
  • Improved heat resistant Aluminum burn chamber.Ordinary material in market is by food grade stainless steel for food contact.However, an oxide film that prevents corrosion of metals can be formed in moist air by aluminum that with more durable using period .What’s more,detach part is considering the cleaning.
  • Speed setting in three mode:Gentle/Normal/Fast controls slight to heavy smoking frequency by metal fan. Short smoking time for salmon,cooked meat deserved longer processing time to achieve the inviting ingredient.

Can you image smoky gun combine vacuum port?

We make it possible!

Connect two end of vacuum hose to smoker and the hole from air valve bag,holding the vacuum nozzle till vacuuming stop automatically. Working duration is 2-2.5 hour after fully charged.
Any customize service?
Yes! Branding or design customize is waiting for you. Show us your idea then we show you surprise.Home made barbecue, are you ready for it?

Smoked food become easier done at home