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Smoker Infuser Rich Your Life

Yumyth is an manufacturer with independent research ability on product design,engineering,mould making,package safety and durability testing. as our core item,we keep a development concept as make life better growing small kitchen appliance.household food vacuum sealer and smoke gun will be a highlight in kitchen.today we gonna open a easy door for smoker cocktail infuser display.


Would it be in large dimension?Due to irremovable in size and weight,difficult to clean for burnt wood dust was regarded as stereotype. By simplified and reserved key technology. Yumyth make it in slim handhold,not only outdoor barbecue use but also for inspiration of home gathering. Proper wide opening burn chamber collect more wood clip volume last longer time smoking.


Take out the wood clip by tweezer of machine box accessory.Pour in appropriated amount.Short press start button to activate metal fan turn on,fill the air to smoky hose,light up wood clip then fully burnt. Insert the nozzle into dome valve ensure under a sealed condition. If a dome is not available,then a cling film is workable also. Hold the hose until get your deserved strong/slight smoked taste. Food placed need to be cooked before smoking cause the machine function is just flavor added. Not for raw food cook. 

Medium well beef and cheese,salmon are the top selected options. We also wit for your more idea and concept. Let the process last 1-2 minutes(depends on personal demand) to help smoke infuse ingredient molecule completely. No need worry about the heating problem,Aluminum metal part avoid possible overheating hazard.

Cool smoke speed setting in three mode--Gentle,Normal & Fast. Intelligent control. Filter mesh enjoy the pure with filtration.

-Cocktail drinks.Summer is coming,cool drinks would be a the best energy provider. Watermelon,Apple,Lemon juice mix with soda water. Mint herb or others.


Lemon cocktail or rum, mint, green, ice, soda


1. Squeeze 3 small limes (or cut lemons) into glass

2. Put the mint into the cup and press it gently with a spoon to let the mint taste come out (don't slap it up and down, it will become bitter).

3. Fill with 3/5 ice cubes

4. Lemon Pisco (If you want to get tipsy, the real version is a choice of rum.And for those of you who like sugar, you can add some syrup.)

5. Soda water (any brand will do)

* Garnish the top with lime and mint. (Limes float easily without seeds)


 If there is leftover,newest patent vacuum mode you will eager to try.vacuum pump insert capacity vacuum volume in negative 60Kpa. Using with Free vacuum hose and valve bag. Suck out oxygen extend food freshness even in 5 times longer.

Cant image such mini device cover all miracle you want!Cant wait to share to you.

Smoker Infuser Rich Your Life