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How to Sous Vide Cook Steak, Sous Vide Cooking Guide

Why choose sous vide cooking? Well, the benefits are obvious. If you compare two pieces of steak which are cooked by two different cooking methods, you will find the answer. See what is sous vide cooking. 

On the left is the steak cooked using Yumyth immersion circulator sous vide cooker and seared quickly before serving to the guests. On the right is the other steak cooked on a oven. By comparison, the sous vide cooked steak is featured by edge-to-edge medium rare, more evenly cooked and retaining more . In contrast, the steak cooked traditionally looks less juicy and tastes touch.

sous vide immersion circulator

How to sous vide steak step by step
Preparations: strip steak, seasoning (black pepper and olive oil) and immersion circulator sous vide cooker

Instructions to follow
Step one: Set the sous immersion circulator to to regulated temperature at 149℉ or 65℃

Step two: Generously sprinkle the seasonings over the strip steak and put the meat in a heavy-duty vacuum bag. Then, use a food vacuum sealer machine to seal the bag. 

sous vide cooking

Step three: Place the vacuum bag in the water bath and set the timer for 2 hours or so. 

sous video cooking

Step four: When the time is up, remove the vacuum bag from the water environment and take the meat out of the plastic bag. 

Step five: put the strip steak in a pan and sear it with oil for 30 seconds for each side until both sides are a little bit brown. After that, put the meat on a cutting board and wait for a few minutes. Now, it is ready to be served.