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Sous Vide Cuisine Customize A Exclusive Fresh Foodstuff

Sous Vide Cuisine Customize A Exclusive Fresh Foodstuff

Sous vide is invented by Three-Star chef in Michelin.

Later an improved tech being applied in kitchen by Bruno Goussault,the scientist of food safety industry.

At the beginning, the cooking tool is too expensive to buy for general people.With the simplification of tech,now all of us could get it easily.


How is it work of the sous vide?Let us show you!

l Increasing the food meat temperature from 5 degree to medium rare/58.9°C within one hour.Temperature being maintained in stable range, bacteria killed that attached surface and interior potential sterilization done in one and a half hour(Meat in 30 MM thickness)

l Vacuum packing is the necessary point ahead the sous vide.Efficiently guarantee meat freshness from overcooking.Transfer the heating equably .Besides,store the food in refrigerator anytime when you have the leftover.

l Intelligent control by phone.Choose the precise temperature degree by smartly remote operation.No manual remainder.

l Water pump drive the water flow.The modern sous vide machine by S/S cylinder shape and put it into the water.Water pump driver the liquid flowing to create a stable cooking degree.


Frequently question you may confused.

A. Does the food safe enough for take after cooked?

Yes!This technology is referred to Pasteurization.Stay in 68~70for over 30 minutes then rapid cooling.Rapid change cool and heat could also contribute to bacterial death.


B. How could I control the cooking time?

Overall,it depends on the food type and meat thickness and weight. Twice amount need triple cook time to ensure the meat is well cooked.


C. How to let food package stay be heated evenly?

Use a interval hold stents to avoid food from moving and closing.Stay cooking in same time.


What’s your idea of the sous vide?Maybe can’t wait to try!Let’s make it by yourself.

 Sous Vide Cuisine Customize A Exclusive Fresh Foodstuff