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Subvert Vacuum Sealer Model VS6601M

Subvert Vacuum Sealer Model VS6601M
If you frequently store food in bulk,vacuum sealer is a necessary device for you to extend food freshness period.Vacuuming create a sealed effect,slowing the deterioration process of the aerobic bacterial growth. But some moist food still will get perished as their self miosture. In that case it need to store in frozen.Such as raw protein-meat and sea food,it normally can be stored lasting six to a year,if by vacuumed it could be extend even in three year.However we do not really suggest eat that food after long time frozen cause nutrition will last with time passed.

Yumyth VS6601 machine,one of our patented model which with additional DC Auto charging.First one design not only for home use as well as outdoor drive camping. That’s because we considering there is a group people who are wild about outdoor exercise as rock climbing,cycling. DC cord easy to carry out to use. You could enjoy snack on friend greeting,prepare cooked food yet no worry the waste. Moist & Dry mode with a bit difference on sealing time.( moist mode in extra  second on sealing to guarantee complete sealed of bag opening.Vacuum pressure in Gentle/Normal,(gentle pressure in negative 38KPa,normal in negative 80KPa)generally divide vegetable,fruit and rice & nut kind.

Vacuum embossed bag is the best assistant helps to make airtight in shorter time during vacuum compared with flat smooth bag. Co-extrusion bag by non-chemical residual now is widely use in food industry even long time sous vide cook,under long time heater bath,bag won’t volatile harmful substance.

Flexible released button to get sealed package through short press. Just press upper lid till hear click sounds to Lock it back prepare for vacuum seal.Replaceable sealing gasket and silicone bar spare part,build the best closed environment ahead of vacuuming. Replace it if form gasket is getting inelastic. Compared with vacuum nozzle type,vacuum chamber in larger channel seems more intelligent and smart.No more holding the bag during vacuum process. All function shown by indicator guide light.

If you are interested in baking or molecular cuisine,to grab a precise weight and volume would be great helpful. It could smoothly our cook procedure.VS6601M with kitchen scale platform.Maximize loading in 2kg,switch unit in kg/g/oz/lb.ROHS/LFGB approved stainless steel plate suitable for all kind ingredient.