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Super Volume Food Grade Vacuum Jar Store All

Food jar as the most essential food accessory,which is closely of our diet.


Are you ever concern the material of vacuum jar you used?Plastic jar generally made by PP.

l Chemical residues may be released when temperature changed.Therefore,the hidden harm may impact our health when fresh mulled food store by PVC food container,poor heat resistant feature show more evident this moment.


Another material PS,widely be used in quick serve meal,with it’s disposable feature and cheaper and simply material cost,people prefer their convenience and easy taken. However,strong acid food will release the GPPS residual which do harm to physiology system.


l PC harder plastic came out.What you should take a concern is that aging and broken.

A few BPA couldn’t fully convert to PC structure.With raising temperature BPA will set free accelerated then infuse to food molecule.


l YUMYTH noted the issue and we aim at solve the safety problem.For this, we produce AS plastic in food grade material meets LFGB. Safety use temperature range from -20 to 100 degree.Frozen and boil resistant allow recycle use.Keep food original taste yet safer.


l Seamless silicone seal ring guarantee the air tightness duration.Avoid the microorganism from air blocking.Store even for liquid.Top released button to get the fresh food easily.Folding design for space saving.Cover hole specially work with automatic vacuum sealer.All you need to do just waiting.





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Super Volume Food Grade Vacuum Jar Store All